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   Austin-Sparks, T. -

   Biblical Studies -

   Billheimer, Paul E. - many books.

   Brand, Paul - Pain: The Gift that Nobody Wants; - and others.

   Bruce, F. F. - many books.


   Bunyan, John -

   Carmichael, Amy - many books.

   Chafer, Lewis Sperry - Books by Lewis Sperry Chafer Online -

   Chambers, Oswald -

   Charnock, Stephen (puritan) - The Existence and Attributes of God - some more books. -

   C. S. Lewis -

   DeHaan, M. R. - several books

   Dillow, Dr. Joseph C. - Reign of the Servant Kings; Final Destiny; Intimacy Ignited;

   Epp, Theodore H. - many books.



   Fjordbak, Everitt M. - many books.

   Fox's Book of Martyrs -

   Fromke, DeVern -

   Gaebelein, Arno C. - many books.

   Gaebelein, Frank E. (son) - many books.

   Hendricks, Dr. Howard G. -

   Hodges, Zane C. - (taught New Testament Greek and Exegesis (1959–1986) at Dallas Seminary, chairman of the New Testament Department for some time. Also served as pastor at Victor Street Bible Chapel, formerly The Old Mission in Dallas, for almost 50 years. Active in Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and Grace Evangelical Society. Founder and president of Kerugma Ministries.) - many books.

   Jensen, Kenneth L. - Wisdom, the principal thing: Studies in Proverbs

   Jones, E. Stanley (beware of some things) -

   Kang, C.H. and  Nelson, Ethel R. - The Discovery of Genesis

   Law, Dr. Peter W. - Abba My Father: The wonder of knowing God as Father





    Lockyear, Herbert - many books.

   Lovett, C. S. (beware of some things) - many books. 

   Metzger, Bruce M. - many books.

   Olson, Bruce - Bruchko

   Orr, J. Edwin -

   Price, Eugenia - many books.

   Spurgeon, Charles -

   Strauss, Lehman - many books.

   Talbot, Louis T. -

   Tozer, A. W. -

   Unger, Merrill - many books.

   Watchman Nee - (beware of some of his writtings) -

   Wiersbe, Warren - many books and commentaries


    Wuest, Kenneth S.

Word Studies from the Greek New Testament

(4 Volume set)


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