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   Have you ever had trouble finding good resources for Bible study online without going to dozens of websites and spending much time and effort determining if they are good or not? Also, where are the good churches, who are the orthodox pastors who will speak 'Thus sayeth the Lord' rather than heretical opinion? This site will attempt to pull together the excellent resources out there, a 'one stop shopping' area, so to speak, giving a link to the sites that are biblically trustworthy.


   This will take awhile to become a completely viable site. First, I am learning how to build a webpage. My learning curve will improve so bear with me.

   Next, I will have to amass all the sites and provide links to the different categories of study or persons, all the while trying to make this page as user friendly as I can make it. (All I have to do is keep myself in mind.) And I need to make it as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as is possible on a computer screen.

   As I become more familiar with web building and my goal it should become better and better.

   Anyone with ideas, improvements or additions to the study tools, books, pastors, or churches will be greatly appreciated. Of course, these suggestions will be critiqued and filtered to determined if they will be incorporated into this page.

   Thank you in advance for any help that may be given.



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